Only in Malaga city, more than 2,000 weddings are expected this year. A figure that could easily be doubled if we count the rest of the province. But Malaga is characterized by welcoming people of many nationalities, and English people become the largest foreign group of residents. Therefore, there will be many British weddings in our province. If you are organizing your English wedding in Malaga, we can help you. Mainly because we have the wedding cake of your dreams, but there is much more. This post is plenty of ideas, so keep reading!

The British tradition at weddings

Formerly, autumn was thought to be the best time to marry. It was harvest season and food was everywhere. In fact, there is a saying that says “Marry in September’s shine, your living will be rich and fine.” Nowadays, spring and summer use to be the best options to get married, although Malaga’s weather allows to do it almost any time. Unlike Spanish weddings, when the bride gets married, she usually takes the husband’s surname. The bridesmaids are another figure not existing in the typical Spanish weddings. Apparently, the bridesmaids dress similarly to the bride because, in the past, they were thought to distract evil spirits. Amazing!

But in some ways, weddings are so similar to Spanish ones!

However, there is something in which English and Spanish we are alike. In both countries, the bride usually carries something blue, something borrowed, something new and something old. These are the reasons why:

  1. To wear something blue symbolizes fidelity and purity;
  2. Bringing something borrowed reminds the bride that her friends and family will be there when she needs them;
  3. Wearing something new represents success in the new wife’s future life;
  4. Wearing something old, as a liaison between the bride and the past.

First of all: the bachelor party

Did you know that Malaga is the destination preferred by the British to organize their stag and hen parties? So that’s it. English bachelor parties have their own name, and are called Despedidas Temptation. This company is specialized in incredible parties, adapted to every pocket, so people organizing their own English wedding in Malaga can opt for an amazing party on board a boat to a barbecue in a cottage or a surprising farewell pack. Of course, there’s always in that cheeky detail that will make him or her never forget this moment. 😉

The dress: traditional or… audacious?

Weddings can be religious or non religious, and this latter option could admit many more possibilities. The English are much more daring in this sense, and there are wedding dresses that are quite far from the tradition. If you want your day to be special and everyone remembers it, why not a tight dress, sexy or maybe far away than the typical beige and white? I have seen a beautiful wedding dress in black, yes, in black! The most important thing is to feel good about what you wear that day.

Trash the dress

In the last times there are many couples choose to have a breakout photoshoot, where the dress ends up shattered. If it is your choice, choose a good photographer: someone with a lot of sense of aesthetics. And please!, turn that session into something worthy of appearing in a very important fashion magazine. Los Baños del Carmen or any mountain area can be a spectacular setting for a trash the dress session. But also, why not?, a mechanical shop, a market or an unpaved road. It’s all about imagination!

An unforgettable place

In front of the classic wedding venues, there are very suggestive alternatives. In front of the hotels, you can find for your English wedding in Malaga some rural houses. Or your own house itself (if the number of guests is not excessive and you have a good outdoor area). Of course, we recommend in this case a really good wedding planner: it is important that someone is aware of every detail before, during and after the wedding. You have to enjoy your day!

Wedding planner: maybe you really need her (or him)

As we said before, a wedding planner is necessary if you both want every detail perfectly done. If you leave in another hands the whole organization, you will eliminate a lot of stress from you. So you don’t need anything but to get in touch with the wedding planner in order to prepare the big day. Of course, it is important to choose someone with whom you can speak your language fluently. In Weddings with Love they serve you in English already from its web. Even if you speak Spanish perfectly, it is much better to be able to speak your language so that even the smallest details get tied up.

A souvenir for the guests?

You may want to end that day with a little memento that makes your day so special. Pens, key chains, metal boxes… are some of the most common options. But you can also let yourself be carried by the imagination and make a personalized souvenir; I’ve just seen, some years ago, a hilarious hangover kit! It was a bottle of water with a small sachet containing painkillers. And for sure I will remember that wedding because of this special souvenir. Would you find something for your guests? Just have a go in Detalles Boda: there’s a lot of stuff in there!

What do we eat?

This is the million dollar question. There are, of course, specific wedding venues that we all know about. You have the typical wedding hall, a castle or small palace prepared to host this type of celebrations. In them, they will offer you many meals so that you choose the one that you like the most. And, of course, you also have the option of preparing something at home. A real English wedding in Malaga can have a bit of both traditions. How about a fusion menu in which you have, for example, the classical fish & chips and also a salmorejo? Surely you, or your wedding planner, will come up with a lot of ideas to make the perfect menu.

The wedding cake, in Cakelandia, of course!

Sure, we get to the top when it comes to the wedding menu: the wedding cake. Well, Cakelandia puts at your disposal our experience, our imagination and our unique designs. Chef Natalia was trained as a pastry chef in England, where she lived for several years, so she knows the British tastes perfectly. Besides, in Cakelandia we have another significant detail: we made special cakes. And what do we mean by “special cakes”? We mean those cakes who people with different intolerances (gluten, sugar, egg, milk …) could perfectly eat. And we mean also that we prepare cakes for those people who, by their own lifestyle, have chosen not to take these products.

Fondant designs: have a try!

tarta orquideas

Tarta Bodas


Among our fondant design cakes we have countless special elaborations for weddings. Have you seen these? We can adapt yours to your liking. And, of course, if you want a sugar-free preparation, you can also count on us. In addition, we have plenty of cake toppers to crown your cake. These cake toppers are made in Loydis, an English company who, moreover, paints them by hand. That’s an indelible memory of your day! Now that you are going to celebrate your English wedding in Malaga, your special cake is waiting for you in Cakelandia. We serve you in English, so do not hesitate to contact us in your language. See you!